Residential: You have to apply a building permit for your project, but wait, do you need that?
If you are going to have to build a dream home, you defiantly need a building permit.

When do you need a building permit for your renovation project?
  • Your renovation area exceeding 108 sq. ft
  • Adding a new washroom or new kitchen
  • Adding a new bedroom or any room
  • Anything you are going to modify your sewage pipe or plumping pipe
  • Change of Use
  • Others (please advice local government or us)

When you don’t need a building permit for your renovation project?

Minor Alteration or Repair means building work that does not affect the structural integrity, fire safety systems, fire separations, main entrance, public corridors, exits, exterior walls and the addition of useable floor space. (For not over 108 sq. ft)

Who can apply for building permit?
  • Owner
  • BCIN License Holder 

What is the difference for the owner apply or the BCIN License Holder apply for a building permit?
  • Responsibility
    • The owner applies then the owner must be complied building code by itself and also any applicable insurance during construction.  
    • BCIN License contractor will cover every insurance and legal issue. 
  • Fines are different  License Holders has higher penalties if they do not comply with building code then individual owner.

What happens if you are not applying for building permit or not asking your contractor applying for building permit?

You have to risk any possible orders from the government plus high penalty fines. Your contractor doesn’t have any responsibility for it.  

Commercial: Contact your local professional BCIN license contractors.